Mrs Brown's Shopping Basket

Mrs Brown wants to bake a cake, but she doesn't have any ingredients!

The Sixes line up at one end of the hall and each person within the Six is given the name of and ingredient (eg sugar, flour etc). Brown Owl then reads out the story below and whenever an ingredient is read out, the Brownies who are that ingredient run to the other end of the hall and back again. The first girl back gains a point for her team. If the words "shopping basket" is read out, everybody runs and the first Six back wins the point. The winners are the Six with the most points.

The Story

One day, Mrs Brown decided that she wanted to bake a cake but she went to the cupboard and found that she had run out of sugar, milk and flour. She needed to go shopping! She sat down and wrote out her list, putting on the things that she was missing, and because she wanted to bake a fruit cake she added some raisins and sultanas. She picked up her shopping basket, grabbed an apple and went out of the house. She put her shopping basket in the car, eating her apple and drove to the supermarket.

At the supermarket, she went and got the flour,sugar, sultanas and raisins. But she couldn't find the milk so she had to ask someone. Then she went to the check out where she unpacked her shopping basket. She put the sugar, milk, flour, raisins and sultanas on the conveyor belt and suddenly remembered that she was out of apples. She rushed off to get them. When she got back, she paid the assistant and packed everything into her shopping basket. She then went back to her car where she drove home and unpacked her shopping basket and started to bake her cake!

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